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Micron’s world-leading technology has been foundational to innovations that continue to transform the world in countless ways. From devices to edge and cloud, memory and storage solutions are integral to delivering greater insight, new experiences and accelerated opportunity.


Automotive in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems are advancing with each new vehicle iteration. Recent premium models now include several displays with 4K resolution and contain features such as voice, gesture, and facial recognition. Larger screen sizes and support for technologies such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are now increasingly part of each consumer’s requirements in addition to supporting apps and gaming. Micron's automotive memory is at the forefront of meeting these automative demands. 

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So much of IoT is ecosystem-based, in which different areas work together seamlessly to deliver trustworthy capability. Hardware infrastructure is increasingly moving toward on-premise, AI-accelerated, low-latency systems that host edge-based platforms. Either by hosting or aggregating streams of data, edge computing will rely on the edge appliances’ memory and storage to populate and feed applications such as AI, predictive maintenance, and other use cases. Learn how Micron's industrial focus can help maximize ecosystem bulding in your designs. 

Automotive console

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