Global affairs and public policy

Micron works with government leaders around the world to promote policies that enhance our ability to innovate, promote competitiveness and ensure that our voice is heard on the issues most important to our business interests and values.


Diversity and opportunity grants

As a global company, we take measures to understand the local impacts of our operations, supply chains and products on people, the environment and society. We comply with all applicable laws and regulations that oversee interactions with government officials, and we adhere to our own high standards of ethical conduct.

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Public disclosures

Micron’s political activities are regulated by national, state and local laws and regulations. We file all information as required by federal and state campaign finance and disclosure laws. The Micron Employee Political Action Committee reports its contributions to the Federal Election Commission (FEC), and filings are publicly available on the FEC website.

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Micron seeks trusted partnerships at all levels of government, working closely with officials to bring global innovation to our communities in a responsible way. We work to advance our public policy agenda through education and advocacy, membership in industry and trade associations and coalitions, public affairs, thought leadership and political engagement.

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Micron is investing more than $150 billion in global manufacturing and R&D

Policy positions

We actively engage in public policy discussions related to Micron's business interests, workforce and communities.


Micron is the only U.S.-based supplier of DRAM memory technology and one of the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturers of leading-edge technology. Because memory is an essential part of the semiconductor ecosystem, Micron supports measures that recognize the importance of semiconductors in the global economy and provide ongoing assistance (such as refundable tax credits, manufacturing grants, research and development grants, and other economic programs) to ensure the long-term viability of cost-competitive semiconductor manufacturing. Such programs advance semiconductor leadership, create high-paying jobs and boost local economies while helping ensure our operations are leading-edge and globally competitive.

Intellectual property

Innovation is essential to Micron’s success, and strong intellectual property protection of our inventions is fundamental to Micron’s ability to remain competitive. Our intellectual property — the know-how that makes us who we are — is our most valuable asset. Innovation is one of our values, and our relentless focus on and celebration of technology breakthroughs serves as the engine that propels us to the forefront of our industry. Micron actively supports legislative and trade policies that promote innovation, create a fair and balanced patent system, and provide strong protection for trade secrets.

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At Micron, people are at the core of our business. Our ability to attract, retain and develop the best and brightest minds in the world is critical to our success. Micron supports fair immigration policies in all countries where we operate to preserve access to global talent, provide for greater permanent resident status, create quicker and more efficient legal immigration and work-permitting processes, and assist the families of the foreign workers we depend on. Further, Micron champions increased government investments in education for semiconductor-related fields and workforce training and development programs that will prepare future-ready workers for gainful employment around the world.

Social equality

At Micron, we are dedicated to creating a better world for all our stakeholders — our customers, our investors, our suppliers, our communities and our people. Micron leverages our market position not only as a technology leader but also as an influencer for good regarding social justice and human rights globally. Micron is committed to helping build a more equitable and inclusive society and supports policies that promote equal rights, equal pay and equal opportunities for all, encourage diversity in the workforce, and address discrimination in data collection.

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As a global leader in advanced memory systems, Micron relies heavily on access to customers and markets all around the world. Open markets protect the complex supply chains our industry depends on to promote innovation and remain competitive. We support initiatives to increase international coordination among governments to further strengthen the security and resiliency of today’s digital economy. We believe policies based on market principles, transparency, nondiscrimination, and equal access will spur innovation and growth. Micron is a strong advocate of robust free trade agreements that enable fair competition, include high standards of protection and safeguards for intellectual property, and level the playing field.

Environment and energy

Information technology solutions enabled by advanced semiconductors — and fast, efficient memory and storage in particular — are increasingly important for addressing the world’s environmental concerns and ensuring future quality of life. Because we recognize the importance of addressing the impacts of our own production, we have established clear environmental sustainability goals to do so. Micron supports policies that promote innovative, sustainable technology solutions, continued advancements in IT product energy and materials efficiency, and ongoing improvements in the semiconductor industry’s direct environmental impacts, such as cost-effective and reliable renewable energy and advanced chemical and material science.

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