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Prioritizing security across products and processes.

Our commitment starts here

At Micron, our commitment to excellence is anchored in our steadfast dedication to comprehensive security for our solutions, driven by our relentless focus on quality.

In today’s data-centric world, security is of paramount importance. IT managers, chief information officers (CIOs), chief information security officers (CISOs) and everyday consumers face ever-increasing threats from cybercriminals attempting to access and acquire private, sensitive and valuable data. These threats call for layered data protection that secures both data in flight, data being transferred into and from storage or memory devices, and stored data, that resides within a storage or memory device.

Micron integrates robust security features into our product designs, such as implementing secure boot processes, establishing a hardware root of trust, encrypting data where applicable, and implementing standardized security features.1 Our “security by design” approach integrates security as a core product and business requirement, increasing our resilience to evolving security threats.

Note that no hardware, software, or system can provide absolute security against all threats, so education on best practices to avoid things like spearfishing attacks is critical for individuals and organizations.

We take security seriously. If you have an issue or concern, report it at our

Defending your data

Micron products are designed to fortify your most critical data.

Information security at Micron

Micron strives to ensure the best possible security for all of the company’s assets, including products, processes, tools, intellectual property, privileged or confidential information. We are committed to addressing issues as they arise.

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Micron security resources

"Security by design" product development

Micron is steadfastly committed to assessing and remediating a discovered or reported security vulnerability to minimize the impact on our customers and product users. To illustrate our commitment to the security of our products, we share the flowchart on the left to show some of the relevant practices in our vulnerability process at Micron.

flowchart showing security vulnerability reporting process

If you have an issue or concern, report it at our product security and vulnerability reporting site. Contact your Micron account representative for additional details on these practices.


1 Micron assumes no liability for lost, stolen, or corrupted data.